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Two Famous Communes from the Sixties

both from Modern American Communes: A Dictionary by Oleh Robert P. Sutton

From 1-20-14 - 2013 Scans from Cuke Archives - Early ZC board and biz meeting notes with DC comments

66-08-13 - Amelia Newell's name comes up - interesting.

She had one of the super hippie communes down in Gorda South of Big Sur on Highway One. There were many many cases of hepatitis there from people shooting speed. Another famous hippie commune was Lou Gottlieb's Morning Star. Ditto on hep and speed. He deeded the place to God and said he couldn't turn anyone away. Lou was head of the great folk group, the Limeliters. I played all their songs and visited back stage in Fort Worth around 1962 then in NYC in 1964 then one day in 1967 in the spring during the first guest period at Tassajara I found myself standing next to Lou at the coffee machine and we had a chat. He had a charming way with words. That summer I was out of Tassajara hitchhiking in Big Sur and he and Amelia picked me up. When I moved to Sebastopol in 1996 I looked forward to seeing him. He was close to the Petcheys and a friendly local character. He died that year before I got to see him (as did Mario Savio who lived a block away) but I attended his memorial at the site of his old commune where his young widow or ex delivered a eulogy in the nude.