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Heart Sutra and Shunryu Suzuki

The original four-sided two page Heart Sutra Card
used at Sokoji first in 1962 for Suzuki's installation as abbot in the Shinsanshiki ceremony.

The later sixties one page two-sided card


Shunryu Suzuki “Translations” of the Heart Sutra - - thanks Chris Modec-Halverson

5-17-13 - Commentary by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

IN THE PRAJNA PARAMITA SUTRA the most important point, of course, is the idea of emptiness. Before we understand the idea of emptiness, everything seems to exist substantially. But after we realize the emptiness of things, everything becomes real—not substantial. When we realize that everything we see is a part of emptiness, we can have no attachment to any existence; we realize that everything is just a tentative form and color. Thus we realize the true meaning of each tentative existence. When we first hear that everything is a tentative existence, most of us are disappointed; but this disappointment comes from a wrong view of man and nature. It is because our way of observing things is deeply rooted in our self-centered ideas that we are disappointed when we find everything has only a tentative existence. But when we actually realize this truth, we will have no suffering. - Tricycle magazine

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Two links to the version Allen Ginsberg chanted:

The version of the Heart Sutra "translation" by Suzuki chanted by Allen Ginsberg - the Zen Site

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Version of the Heart Sutra Shambhala (Trungpa) sangha uses. (thanks Howie)

Jack Van Allen sent this 6th century Heart Sutra a while back.