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The San Francisco Art Institute
and Shunryu Suzuki students

This list incomplete. Send other names to

9-02-13 - Starting list of Suzuki students who studied at the San Francisco Art Institute

Virginia Baker - must get her interview on cuke

Katherine Cook

Don (Crockin) Deangelo

Peter Di Gesu

Mike Dixon

Jake Fishman

Rob Gove - where is he now?

Bill Kwong

Bill McNeil

Lou McNeil (?)

Brigid (Barbara) Meier BFA Painting 1968

Daniel Abdal-Havy Moore

Carolyn Morton

Jim Morton

Rick Morton

Pauline Petchey

Mary Quagliata

Narcissus (Robert) Quagliata

Yvonne Rand

Norman Stiegelmeyer (teacher) - below

Katherine Thanas

Phillip Wilson

Post Suzuki era SFZC and SF Art Inst Students

Ward Flemming -  of Pinscreen fame.

Ward wrote: I was a post Suzuki student and I can not think of any other art inst. students who were at ZC. I've always felt that I saved myself from a difficult and dangerous road by leaving the art inst. and my drinking pals and immersing myself with you all at ZC and although it could be judged a frying pan into a fire situation it was not so for me, I really took to it and flourished in that marvelous environment with you, Ed, Tommy, Leland, David S. to name just a few. Rick Levine, how is he?

Diane Gray - once Diane Thorn - thanks Jordan Thorn

9-01-13 - Genine Lentine is teaching a course on Zen at the SF Art Institute. She wrote me an email saying she didn't have her copy of Crooked Cucumber and wanted to see if there were any Suzuki Roshi students who sat there. I wrote back that this here is a far greater resource than Crooked Cucumber (the all of which it now contains) and to just write "art inst" in the site search box on the Home page or What's New page and many links will come up to mentions of the SF Art Institute. I think it would be neat for someone or her class to collect info on this subject and organize it for presentation here on cuke and/or on the SF Art Institute's site. I'll start a page for it.

Norman Stiegelmeyer

The first person I'll mention will be the dear late Norman Stiegelmeyer who was a teacher there and an early and close student of Shunryu Suzuki. I see five mentions of Norman on cuke and he's on the web:

Norman on Ask Art

Norman on Surreal Sight dot com

Dealing with Rowdy Guys at Tassajara - featuring Norman

There's more plus lots of art if you search the net. Norman should have his own page. He was a sweet and quite eccentric guy. - dc

Here's some of Norman Steigelmeyer's art

Mental Landscape

Extreme Circumstances

Untitled (seated woman)

Mentions of Norman Stiegelmeyer on cuke:

Mike Dixon Interview

Daniel Moore interview

Jake Fishman interview

Brit Pyland interview

Zen in America early fundraising for Tassajara brochure

Of course there may be more - this list made from doing a site search for "Stiegelmeyer".