DECEMBER 4, 2018

Eko For Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
founder of San Francisco Zen Center, Tassajara Monastery and Green Gulch Farm.

The body of the pure dharma world
Neither appears nor disappears.
The strength of the great vow of compassion
Manifests in life and death.
Revering the Buddhas
We aspire to have their illuminating wisdom shine upon us.
Prostrating ourselves before the Buddhas,
We aspire to be embraced by their true compassion.
This evening we gather to offer flowers, candles, sweet water and tea
and have respectfully chanted the Dai Hi Shin Dharani, dedicated to the memory, impeccable practice and karmic energy of the great teacher Shunryu Suzuki-roshi.
Humbly we offer him our deepest gratitude for a life mirroring the Buddha�s affection for all beings. His dharma has spread around the world, and as sun and moon break the darkness,
so, the light of his teaching will illuminate our path. May it embrace the earth and endure like  a stone of iron.
Living by vows, he transmitted the ancient way, undiluted and pure.
His path glitters in the moonlight; sometimes it takes lightning and thunder to awaken us.
With his entire body he penetrated the ancestor�s marrow,
Cultivating the clouds, moving the stones, planting gardens, planting intention.
Thereupon, all creation rejoices and reflects its beauty in the mighty trunk of many sanghas, sprouting luxuriant leaves and flourishing blossoms. All growing, all blooming. The gates are open inside and out.
Respectfully we offer our true heart.
May it limitlessly fill the Tathagata�s bowl.


thanks Peter Coyote for sending this Eko and the following note:

I�m co-running the Rohatsu sesshin at Hokyoji in Minnesota with Dokai this year, and since tonight is my night as doshi I asked if we could do an Eko for Suzuki Roshi at Evening service,  since it�s December 4. He agreed and we�re doing evening service in Suzuki�s honor with chatokis and sweets and chanting the  Dai Hi Shin Dharani, and I�ll read this piece. Thought you�d like knowing that.
A gassho,
Hosho Pete