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 Peter Coyote

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Peter has been around the SFZC for a long time. He sits now with Lew Richmond in Mill Valley and has received priest's ordination. - 6/2017

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10-16-2017 - Peter's comment on the SFZC ban on Edward Brown teachings there

6-12-17 - Sixteen minute audio of interview with Peter on his path from theater to Zen

5-06-15 - Pacific Sun Interview with Peter Coyote by Steve Helig in Marin County, California. - thanks Katrinka

5-02-15 - Peter's new book: The Rainman's Third Cure: an Irregular Education

12-14-12 - Peter Coyote on Democracy Now

8-20-11 - Congratulations to Peter Coyote who was ordained as a Soto Zen priest today by Lew Richmond, head teacher of the Vimala Sangha


Peter Coyote dot com

Peter's Wikipedia page


IMDB main page

Coyote, Peter Sleeping Where I Fall, Counterpoint Press, 1999.

Go to excerpt about the Human Be-in mentioning Shunryu Suzuki

Amazon link for audio book of Peter reading Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

Peter Coyote dot com page for this audio book

Peter sends a Memorial Eko for Shunryu Suzuki

Peter reads Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

A FILM Produced and Directed by James Zito
Narration by Peter Coyote

Lay Ordination report


Shambhala Sun interview with Peter Nov. 1998

A Conversation with Gary Snyder & Peter Coyote from 1999 Poetry Flash

Where the Counterculture Prevails - Peter Coyote on YouTube

Peter's blurbs for

Taigen Dan Leighton's Faces of Compassion: Classic Bodhisattva Archetypes and Their Modern Expression . Revised Edition. Formerly published as Bodhisattva Archetypes: Classic Buddhist Guides to Awakening and Their Modern Expression. - (Wisdom Publications,2003)

"Such a useful book. Mr. Leighton clarifies and explains aspects of Buddhism which are often mysterious to the uninformed. The concept of the Bodhisattva--one who postpones personal salvation to serve others--is the perfect antidote to today's spiritual materialism where "enlightened selfishness" has been enshrined as dogma for the greedy. This book is useful as a fine axe."

--Peter Coyote, actor and author of Sleeping Where I Fall

Thank You and OK!: an American Zen Failure in Japan

"The results of Chadwick's cultural collision with Japan are funny, insightful, revelatory and intriguing as hell. Don't let the fantastic cover fool you - this is a ripe book that goes to the core. The irreverence was also a friggin relief." -- Peter Coyote, actor and writer, in The Whole Earth Review