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Shunryu Suzuki letter to Grahame Petchey 66-04-11

Suzuki letters to Petchey   --  Suzuki Correspondence

Dear Tokunin

I am so sorry to write you back so late as this.

I think it is better for you to stay Kyoto after May, so that your mother-in-law and your wife continue their study more. For you Antaiji is good place as well as Eiheiji.

Of course Eiheiji is good but onece or twice a week to go back and forth will be interference for others. But we should be grateful to TATSUGAMI ROSHI for his kindness.

One more student is going to join you quite soon. He is a fine fellow.

I am going to Japan in the end of August. If your mother-in-law can stay as late as that I shall be very glad.

The other day (April 7th) I went to Tasajara Hot Spring near Monterey to see the land for our retreat. It was incredibly good place for our monastery, if we can buy the hot spring too or run it for our guests. The hot spring is 130 to 160 [degrees] and not many. There was just one hotel run by the owner of the land. This is only one house in 350,000 of government property. I have writen to Katsuzen-san too. Please give him my regard.

With gassho

S. Suzuki