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Molly Jones MacGregor

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Recently someone from Zen Center sent me the latest copy of the Wind Bell with lots of stories about Suzuki Roshi in it. I enjoyed reading it very much, and appreciated having it sent to me. I am enclosing my own account of my interactions with Roshi, during the years 1969, 1970 and 1971,before he died. I am not sure if you are going to include any more stories in future issues, but in case you are I thought I would send it in.

I would like to subscribe to the Wind Bell, but couldn't find any mention of a subscription rate in the issue. Is this because you have to be a formal supporter of Zen Center in order to get the magazine? I would appreciate knowing if I can subscribe, and what the cost is.

The first time I talked formally with Suzuki Roshi was during my first sesshin, in August, 1969. I had just turned 20 years old. I came into the room downstairs at Sokoji for dokusan. When I sat down he asked me to write down my name and age on a piece of paper. After I did that he asked me if I had any questions. I was experiencing a lot of fear during the zazen periods. This fear was centered in my solar plexus and chest. It was almost overwhelming my ability to sit. I said, "I feel fear." He looked at me and raised that one eyebrow, and told me that the fear wouldn't last that long. Then he asked me what I did when I felt the fear and I told him that I practiced counting my breathing. He said that was very good. The fear in fact did dissolve when I entered a samadhi of the descending current later in the week.

After this sesshin I got confused in my sitting and became manipulative in terms of my breath, posture, legs, and so on. During another dokusan Roshi told me that I shouldn't seek any "so called enlightenment experience."

Months later he told me I was afraid of the "emptiness from which you come." He said, "don't be afraid."

Roshi was very beautiful looking to me. I could see a clear light which surrounded his body. His nature was like clear water. Whenever I had any personal contact with him he was always extremely warm and compassionate with me. He made me feel like a million dollars. We lost a very special one when he died.

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