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9-26-13 - New Abbot Selected for the SFZC City Center: Rinso Edward Sattizahn. Congratulations Ed.

Ed Sattizahn

Ed Sattizahn has been chairman of the board of the SFZC for several years and has been an important supporter of work to preserve the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki. See SSHP. - dc, 6-08-11

In the summer of 1970, I was a guest student at Tassajara. I was on dish‑washing schedule so I went to the baths early (during the Abbot's bath‑time). Being a new student I didn't know about the Abbot's private bath‑time, and barged right in on him. He was sitting on the floor washing himself with a pail and filling the small tub with water to soak in. He looked up at me and asked if I wanted to take a bath. I being unsure about what to do suggested I could go into the big plunge. Roshi said that they usually washed before entering the plunge. Somehow I interpreted this as an invitation to join him in the small tub. By the time I was undressed the small tub was full and roshi was finishing washing with his pail. He offered the tub to me and as I was climbing in I saw to my surprise that he was leaving. At the door he paused as if having a second thought, turned around and said "don't worry". He said it in such a way that I was immediately relieved of my embarrassment at having taken his bath; in fact I felt wonderful.

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