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THE AUDIO-VISUAL ARCHIVE of the LTWA - the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
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Introduction and comments by DC [in progress - check here later for extensive comments]
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The Audio-Visual Archive of the LTWA, led by Lama Karma Khedup (a terrific guy), is involved in a massive project to digitally preserve 25,000 tapes, film, videos and other media which includes lectures by the Dalai Lama, other teachers, oral history interviews, and more. This is a vital project to preserve the teaching and culture of Tibet. They do not need a tremendous amount of money considering the scale of this project and I've signed up to help raise it for them. As of last October when I was there, they could do everything they wanted to do this year for less than $30,000. If it was America and not India it would cost exponentially more. I urge readers of to help me with this either by sending money or giving me advice on how to get it. I've just started working on this today (6/12/04), and will very soon have up details about where to send money to and how and their non profit number and all. I'll be updating and improving this section of as fast as I can. Thanks. - DC

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