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THE AUDIO-VISUAL ARCHIVE of the LTWA - the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
in Dharamsala, India.

Project manager - Lama Karma Khedup LTWA home page


Introduction and comments by DC [in progress].

A Proposal to fund this archiving work - "The purpose of this project is to transfer Audio/Visual Information of Tibet's religions, culture and people to digital media."

Photos at the LTWA 

A letter of 10-10-03 from Alain Bywaters on this project

Updated equipment needs from Karma Khedup from letter of 11-19-04

6/15/04 software and hardware update from Karma Khedup


Venerable Karma Khedup
Head of Audio/Visual Section,
Gangchen Kyishong
Dharmsala - 176215
H.P., India.

Tel (Off.): +91-1892-222467, 226095, 201347
Fax: +91-1892-223723

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