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THE AUDIO-VISUAL ARCHIVE of the LTWA - the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

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Email of 6/15/04 from Karma Khedup with equipment and software update. 

As for software: currently, we are using Cool Edit 2000, Cool Eidt Pro 2.0, and Sonic Foundry Sound Forge. At the moment we don't have video software.

Regarding the process of Digitisation: All our recorded materials are in audio and video format i.e. in film, gramophone, reel to reel tapes, audio cassettes, video tapes, DAT, DVD and CD-R. These are to be transfer into digital format i.e. in the format of Widow PCM (.Wav) for archiving purposes. The materials are mostly in Tibetan Language and videos are transferred into DVD. Soon, we are going to install a Server storage, but at the moment we are storing on a external Hard Disk Drive, CDs and DVD.

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