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8-05-06 - Tim Fraser at Tassajara has a good plan that I'll do what I can to support. See below. Also, working with Michael Wenger at the SFZC, he has put together a great film on Shunryu Suzuki, editing together the three sources that exist and, most impressive, synching the tape of Suzuki's lecture to a short film of him giving it. I hope to hear more from Tim as soon as he's out of Tassajara next April. - DC

Roshi (working title)
A Biographical Documentary of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

Collecting and revealing the teachings of Suzuki Roshi, this video project shares the stories of those who lived and practiced with this great pioneer of Zen in America.  We will feel the personal impact Suzuki Roshi had on his students, while experiencing the spirit of his Way.  A broad selection of his students will be interviewed, and the diversity of their stories offers the audience an intimate connection to San Francisco Zen Center's founder.  Some interviews will appear in Roshi, and all will be available for viewing through the Suzuki Roshi Archive at the San Francisco Zen Center (with a selection available on-line).

Production will commence when funding and support are in place.  If you would like more information, have questions or would like to support this project, please contact:

Timothy O'Connor Fraser
Dewdrop Media  (

Currently at:
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center
39171 Tassajara Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

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