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Roundabout Zen: Recollections in Celebration of the 70th Birthday of Zentatsu Baker Roshi

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Preface                                                                  xiii
Paul Lee

Introduction: In Myriad Forms,
a Single Body Revealed
Tenryu Paul Rosenblum

Acknowledgements                                              xix

Partial Truth                                                        1
Earl McGrath

The Advancement of Buddhism in the West       5
Michael Murphy

Hymn with Wings: a Plum Stone for Richard     11
Michael McClure

The Gift of Perceptive, Straight Observation        13
Len Brackett

Reminiscences of a Loyal and Generous Friend    17
Peter Schneider

El Darko Meets Rosebush with a Cast of
Sixteen Thousand Spacey Characters                    21
David Chadwick

Emptiness, with Pictures                                       31
Zoketsu Norman Fischer

My Deep Appreciation of Richard Baker,
Zentatsu Myoyu Roshi                                          37
Zenki Blanche Hartman

Leek and Potato Soup,
a Baker Roshi favorite                                            41
Deborah Madison

The Old Painted Pizza                                           47
Dojun Dan Welch

Eigentlich ist es eine Weisheit,
die sich Selbst Sucht                                               49
Guni Baxa

Roshi is as Richard Does,
Richard is as Roshi Does                                        65
Gerd Stern

Two Stories                                                            69
Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Two Poems and Conversations
with Suzuki Roshi
Mitsu Suzuki

Sen no Rikyu meets the Barbarians                       83
Zenshin Philip Whalen

Who is this Richard Baker?                                    85
Bernard J. Le Boeuf

Richard Baker Roshi
und die Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit                91
Siegfried Essen

"…On building for a Thousand Years"                 103
Sim Van der Ryn

Excerpts From a Lifelong Friendship                     107
Shosan Gerald Weischede

Ausschnitte aus einer
lebenslangen Freundschaft                                    113
Shosan Gerald Weischede

The Rarest of Attributes: Leadership                     119
Huey Johnson

Memory of a Brief Moment
in a Long Friendship                                             123
Brother David Steindl-Rast

A Feeling for Culture                                            127
William Irwin Thompson

For Zentatsu Myoyu,
the Only Teacher able to keep
my Stubborn Mind to Zen’s Grindstone
long enough for it to make a Mark                       133
Mitsuzen Lou Hartman

Materializing the Mind of Buddhism                    137
Zenki Christian Dillo

Richard Baker’s Irish Roots                                    147
Michael Fitzgerald

Not a Drop Remains                                             157
Paul Lee

Contributors                                                          175

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