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4-05-12 - from Willem Malten

Willem Malten page

Here are two articles and together will give people insight into what happened here in New Mexico, and how a new nuclear modernization facility was stopped and some of the strategic thinking that went into that as well.

Activist's experience, passion culminate in LANL project delay

On Stopping the CMRR-Nuclear Facility, Nuclear Policy, and the Future of New Mexico

Makes me happy that you are considering publishing this for --also, because it touches on the spiritual Buddhist background of Greg Mello as an activist, being an intimate student of Kaplau and also Aitken Roshi. I have been working with Greg since the beginning nineties, and of course I came from the teachings of people like Baker Roshi, Koben, and you yourself as well, mr. Chadwick --being very much aware of our nuclear reality. Remember "Freeze Please" ??(what a great song you did!)

So this whole thing is somehow also rooted in our spiritual practice and without that we wouldn't have been able to be as persistent as we have been as an organization: the Los Alamos Study Group (

Now I believe that we have stopped this modernization Nuclear Facility for the time being and perhaps for good. Not being able to produce more pits for more nuclear weapons is disarmament you can actually taste. Money will be scarce commodity in the future and there are so many other social (and military) priorities, that it is highly unlikely that this CMRR-Nuclear facility will ever be built.

Ok. One last thing: we, the Los Alamos Study Group, have raked up some 120.000 dollars in litigation costs to stop this monstrosity --and litigation is continuing. I ask for your and the Sangha's support in alleviating this debt and enabling the LASG to push forward and help formulate and manifest a viable nuclear free future.

DC comments: Good luck with this Willem and thanks from all us sentient beings!

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