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23-08 - Zen, Chorten, and Padwa's Death

                                          David Padwa cuke page

23-04 - Punk Monk Enters State of Enchantment

(New Mexico state motto: The Land of Enchantment)

19-03-30 - Two Tassajara Stories from Willem

12-10-10 - Willem Malten on Amaranth: Rethinking a Weed

12-04-05 - On anti-nuclear activism in New Mexico - in Readers Comments

Nanao Sakaki did a reading at Willem's wonderful Cloud Cliff Bakery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's no longer open as it was but it still has functions.

A post in cuke's Species Threats section: 4-18-10 - Los Alamos Lab's CMRR-NF project would send wrong message to world By Willem Malten in the Santa Fe New Mexican - another posting in the Nuclear (pronounced like "new clear") Threat section

08-07-25 - A report from the Amazon Rainforest

A post in cuke's Death and Dying section: 1-24-08 - Thanks to dear old friend Willem Malten, proprietor of Cloud Cliff Bakery-Cafe-Artspace  in Santa Fe for this link to a video of poetry by Stephen Levine - on YouTube with more Levine videos there if you wish.

I'd love to post links to a couple of films, one about a tribe high in the Columbian mountains who guard the world and decades ago noticed disturbing changes in climate, and one he made with narration by Gene Hackman about a remote tribe in Equador (I think) that he used to visit.

Search the web for Willem Malten Santa Fe and a lot will come up.