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Eric Arnow has his own web site now. For years I've been putting his letters from Asia here. From now on they'll go on his site, the Bumble Buddhist which also now has all the previous ones from cuke and photos more. - dc

Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 05:55:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Arnow <>
Subject: Fasten your safety belts cause it could be a long summer

For the past two years I have been reading stories like this or variations.

Regardless of how it starts, a replay of 173 is very possible, with all its implications. [what's 173? - DC]

For a slide presentation on one scenario (regardless of how such a situation could unfold), the result being a blockage of the world's oil supply, go to this site.

That Iran has Sunburn missiles is not in doubt, nor are hostile intentions to Iran. If Iraq was a "cakewalk" wait till Iran gets attacked. 

I am  sending this info out so as to inform you about things that the news not reported in the US will be available to you, so you won't be surprised. 

IF weakness in the US markets and reports of General Motors, the former crown jewel of American business in serious trouble is not enough to make one defensive in investing, consider another oil crisis.


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