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Eric Arnow Letters (emails) from Thailand and other Asian countries Index

Eric Arnow link page

Eric Arnow has his own web site now. For years I've been putting his letters from Asia here. From now on they'll go on his site, the Bumble Buddhist which also now has all the previous ones from cuke and photos more. - dc

Interview with Eric about Suzuki and his SFZC history
and a snippet in Brief Memories of SR

Selected emails - a lot of the political ones not included. Most recent on bottom. - dc

12-10-04 Greetings from Thailand and Laos

12-20-04  Back in Pei

12-23-04  More time in Pei

12-29-04  Shangri- La or just LA?

2-2-05  A lesson in manners from a monkey

6 2-3-05  Daybreak at the Mt. Monastery

2-10-05  Easy Rider meets the road warrior

2-11-05  What Religion Are You?

9 2-14-05  A warning from journalist Seymour Hersh

10 2-18-05  Subject: The Joy of Culture Shock

11 2-20-05  Whither the Lisu and other ruminations

12 3-08-05  Hey Hey we're the monkeys, and on to Burma

13 4-13-05 a brief update

14 4-15-05 Fasten your safety belts

15 4-16-05 A few pleasant days by the river

16 5-21-05 Back in Thailand

17 7-21-05 Of shadows inside and outside

18 8-15-05 News headlines

19 9-16-05 Zen and Vipassana

20 10-01-05 Off to Burma

21 11-29-05 More on Pa-auk Monastery--and Judging Amy

22 12-16-05 More time in Burma--The road to Mandalay and Beyond

23 1-19-06 Leaving for Myanmar

24 12-31-06  I am OK, but still concerned

25 4-15-07  The Thai New Year--a week long water fight

26 4-17-07  The Further Adventures of the Bumble Buddhist

27 4-18-07 Eric on Shunryu Suzuki

28-1-26-08 - The Falling Dollar

29 2-05-08 - An IRS Audit as Spiritual Practice

30 16-10-09 - Report from China (posted 10-27-09)

31 23-10-09 - Letter to Barak Obama. (posted 10-27-09)

32 1-1-11 - Leaving Southern India

33 1-09-11 - Bodhgaya (posted 3-05-11)

23 4-04-11 - My stay at a Chinese Monastery

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