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Current Events/Engaged Buddhism

Burma Crisis info and action page.

Here are 16 things we can all do to help the Burmese monks and citizens being tortured in Burma right now.

The following is from Carlos Mauricio, a torture survivor from El Salvador, and courageous anti-torture activist and witness, who is just back from Burma and the ongoing brutality there. - Taigen

Carlos Mauricio writes:

As many of you know, I have recently returned from Burma and was witness to the poverty of the people and the brutality of their government.

October 24th is the one-month anniversary of the popular uprising against the government of Burma . It is also United Nations Day, a day when we celebrate the United Nations and its achievements.

This United Nations Day, however, we have to acknowledge only that the UN is failing the people of Burma. The bloody, brutal crackdown continues. As world media attention turns away from Burma , the military junta feels free once again to imprison, torture and kill those involved in the demonstrations.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls Burma 'the new South Africa' and calls for a sustained campaign that will ultimately result in the Burmese people's liberation from the dark forces that have ruled their country for too long. Archbishop Tutu also says, "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor'.

In this spirit, I urge you to take action on behalf of the people of Burma, to do something, however small, to bring about change.

1) Pass this email along to other people who will be interested.

2) Post the attached flyer where people will see it!

[If you are in S.F. and want the flyer (about next item), e-mail me and I will send it as attachment -TDL]

3) Come to the protest in San Francisco this coming Wednesday 24th October, United Nations Day from 4:00 - 8:00 pm. We'll start at 4:00 at the Chinese Consulate at 540 Laguna @ Geary, and at 5:00 March to United Nations Plaza, (Market Street between 7th & 8th) where there will be a rally and multi-faith prayer service from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

4) Sign this petition to urge the UN to do more:

5) Click through to this petition organized by the US Campaign for Burma Petition:

Home page:

6) Knowledge is power! Learn more. Follow this link to an introductory slide show:

7) Sign the petition organized by the good folks at

8) Get involved! In the San Francisco Bay Area contact of the Burmese American Democratic Alliance at to find out how you can help. Nationally, go to to find out how you can do more.

9) Donate! If you have money but no time, consider a donation to either BADA or the US Campaign for Burma. Even small donations add up, and everyone can afford a dollar. You can also try this link:

10) Boycott corporations that profit from the misery of the Burmese people. These include Chevron, Daewoo, Nikko Hotels International/Japan Airlines, Siemens, Sumitomo Corporation, Suzuki. For a comprehensive list of corporations to boycott go to

Let them know why you have chosen not to do business with them

11) Boycott the Olympics! The Chinese fund and support the oppression of the Burmese people and have the economic clout to make the government change. With the Olympics next year the Chinese are very sensitive to public opinion at this point, and as was seen in the case of Darfur, can bring unwilling parties to the negotiating table.

12) Write a letter to a political prisoner through the Amnesty International letter-writing campaign.

13) Urge George Bush to take action. Go to the Amnesty International website. The letter is already written for you and it takes just a few minutes to fill in your personal information. Here's the link - I hope - it's long.

14) Urge the United Nations to take stronger, more concerted action. Contact them at this email address:

15) Write to Senior General Than Shwe, the head of the junta, at the following address:

State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)
Senior General Thank Shwe
c/o Ministry of Defense
Naypitaw , Myanmar

16) Contact your local government or labor union and ask them to pass a resolution (sample attached) condemning the Burmese government and urging China, India, Thailand, Korea and Japan to do their utmost to force the Burmese government to change. For more information on how to do this contact

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