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Current Events/Engaged Buddhism
"Even in a dream we should take care of things." Kabumpkan

It IS Happening Here
Al Franken was interviewing Joe Conason about his new book It Can Happen Here (spring 2007), the title of which refers to Sinclair Lewis's warning call on American authoritarianism,  It Can't Happen Here
and Al said maybe it should be It Has Happened Here but this page is called It Is Happening Here even though I really don't know for sure what the heck is happening. Still, I have concerns. - DC

8-16-07 - This is one you might enjoy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 - Tearing what's left of my hair about the Protect America Act - vomit, scream, retch, bang head on wall.

Distraught DC email to Senator Dianne Feinstein about her voting for this despicable bill.

Your vote for the "Protect America" bill is just terrible. I will never forgive you politically speaking though personally I believe in forgiveness. You have done many other things I don't like but this is the worst. You just voted to give GWBush more dictatorial power with oversight by only Gonzales and one other person [the Director of National Intelligence and the Attorney General] and they're both under him. No Congressional or judicial oversight. Please change and protect the Constitution and our freedoms and don't trample on them for this phony idea of protection. I write because it's just about impossible to get through to you on the phone - your offices are either closed or the lines are busy. Not so with Barbara Boxer who I'm proud to have as a Senator. You're helping to lay the groundwork for a fascist dictatorship in America. Shame on you. - DC

Analysis of the Protect America Act on After Downing Street dot org

Passed: "Protect America Act" Pisses On Constitution on BSAlert dot com

Amy Goodman interviews Glenn Greenwald and Marjorie Cohn about the slippery slope of the FISA bill that the Democrats caved on last week and the ramifications for oversight when the bill “sunsets” in six months. VIDEO video_wmv Download (1952) | Play (2176) video_mov Download (757) | Play (1236) - from Crooks and Liars

Here it is

More to come.

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