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Josh Wolf in Jail page

Here are all the postings on about Josh, latest on top.

3-03-07 - Free Josh Wolf! I can't keep up with all that's happening with America's longest jailed journalist, Josh Wolf, son of Suzuki student Liz Wolf (see her interview). 

Julian Davis sends the best web link to the Free Josh page, the best place to know what's new with Josh and his case.

Andy Blue sends the email lists to keep up with Josh and to learn what you can do.


the supportjoshwolf list is an open discussion and can generate frequent emails with back and forth discussion. the update list is a newsletter and action alert list that comes out about once a week or if urgent action is needed.

To subscribe one sends and email to these addresses:


Thanks Julian and Andy and keep up the good work. - DC

Here's another Josh Wolf page thanks to A.M.


2-03-07 - Press conference on Feb. 6 marks day that Josh Wolf becomes longest incarcerated journalist in US History.

Here's a link to his home page. Hard to get to from the Free Josh page.

11-17-06 - Liz Wolf's son, video journalist Josh Wolf back in jail for refusing to cooperate with a grand jury, hand over his footage of an anti WTO demo and testify Check What's New down below for 9-06 for more.

9-06-06 - Josh Wolf is out.


8-02-06 - Liz Wolf's blogger-journalist son, Josh, jailed for refusing to hand over video tape to court. See article in Huffington Post.


6-15-06 -  Liz Wolf's anarchist son is having trouble with the fascists who run this nasty government. Oh sorry, did I stoop to name-calling? OK. Take out the "anarchist" from that sentence. His name's Josh Wolf. He is a journalist. He took footage of protests over a G-8 Summit and now the FBI and the Justice Department and a grand jury are threatening him with jail is he doesn't hand his film over. Check it all out on his web site the Josh Wolf Grand Jury page. Here's an article from the SF Weekly called Should Journalist Josh Wolf be Afraid? There's a typo in that article for sure. His footage is not of a July 8,2006 protest in SF against the G8 summit in Scotland. It was 2005.

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