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New WSC page 2018

World Suicide Club News

new WSC page 2018

Former motto:
The WSC is the largest, most effective organization on Earth, working toward global thermonuclear war.

 Updated motto:
The WSC is the largest, most effective organization on Earth, working toward the elimination of the human race.

Listen to the song, World Suicide backed by Freeze Please - released by DC under the name Defuser in 1982

Read the World Suicide Club's one newsletter from 1983 when they surfaced long enough to ridicule the Nuclear Freeze movement. It will help to inform you about this powerful organization.

The World Suicide Club is pleased to read the Species Threat section of cuke dot com, not because we think it will alert concerned citizens, but because we see it as chock full of laughable examples of how doomed the poor confused suckers of planet earth are. Ha ha ha. The WSC is the largest most successful organization on earth, working toward global nuclear war. All at once! We also support the human race's humorous lack of planning and preparation for global warming or possible asteroid or comet collision.  One way or another - It's going to happen!

Don't really have to post anything here. Just read the papers or any number of sources on so many fronts. It's so obvious - and the denial and apathy even for those not denying - is delightful to watch.

9-16-15 - 49% down and 51 to go - taking as much marine life with us as we can.

11-15-14 - The G20 is holding talks in Brisbane, Australia the host. The subject is growth and let's get serious and not screw around with a lot of nice empty talk and create jobs and growth. No climate stuff on the agenda. To me the human race is committing suicide or at least the forces that support world suicide are winning. Of course the world will survive but looks like we're trying to take as much of it that's biological as we can with us. Seems we're well into the sixth mass extinction but it hasn't been officially proclaimed. If most individuals had the danger signs that the earth has they'd be taking it seriously, going to doctors, changing their dietary habits, focusing on it. We're not willing to do that as a group though we're able. That's why it's suicide. Most of us don't believe there's a problem or don't pay attention or just think about their short term finances and most of us who do believe there's an immanent threat can't really think about it all the time. Mainly I want to practice Zen and stuff like that as if my head were on fire, get my work done, and have fun. This item only got third billing in the What's New section for today behind an obscure Indonesian fund raising event. I guess we're somewhat in the position of St. Francis who it's reported, while hoeing, was asked what he'd do if he learned the world was about to end. "Keep hoeing," he replied. But it's a little different with us. It's more like someone says, "Hey, you guys are committing world suicide."

5-11-13 - Congratulations to the human race for reaching the 400 parts per million for the first time in four million years or so. The World Suicide Club salutes you! See Species Threats - climate change

Lost date for now (2002?) - Made a poster for the rally to meet Bush today. Just finished getting the words on a t-shirt on the Cafe Press Cuke Basket. Did it quick - just typed it out - see immediately below. Must do a new one. Submissions accepted. Anyway, go check it out - there's a large version and a small one and in the Cafe Press Cuke Basket store you can see them on zillions of t-shirts and other tempting consumer products. Go to Cuke Basket - WSC.

That was then.

And now the Obama administration is on schedule not interfering with our immanent demise. Good job guys! And good going to most of the rest of the world in moving us ever closer to extinction!

See David Cohen's website for the WSC

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