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Lizard People or Reptilians
sending messages via film

Since I have a 23 year old son, I would hear now and then a few years back talk of lizard people running things. Mainly it seemed they were showing their distaste for authority but some took it further.

Louis CK slipped in a question to Donald Rumsfeld about whether he and Cheney were ones and if they ate Mexican babies and Rumsfeld didn't deny it.

What percentage of Americans believe lizard people run the country

The TV movie V exposed this threat years ago

Underground Lizard People in Los Angeles

According to an anonymous cuke informant, what has been kept secret about Lizard People is that they are deeply embedded in the US film and TV industry and use movies to send coded messages to their overlords. Work on decoding these messages is ongoing. So far, the decoders have identified an important line that is definitely a Reptilian message embedded in films controlled by these Reptilians. That line is "Are you okay?" or the alternate "Are you alright?" Decoders believe that each version of this line carries important different information. For instance, "Is everything alright" might indicate something entirely different. The pacing, volume, accent, attitude and other characteristics of the sentence surely contain other critical data. Look for these lines in a movie or TV show so that you can identify Reptilian controlled media.

Cuke was made aware of these shocking facts after this post about how often those lines appear in American films.