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8-01-07 - Putting a few photos of some of us on this morning. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

A thumbnail photo of Katrinka and me by Charlie Cagnon's web cam. Check out Katrinka's Beltane Flowers


Tony Patchel took this photo of son Clay (b. 1991) and me almost a year ago at the wedding of Barton Stone and Constance. He's grown a lot since then.

Thumbnail. My mother, Ahdel, with son Kelly (b.1973) taken in July of 1993. In the back yard of mother's home in Fort Worth, Texas. Raymond - did you do this?

Photo by Raymond Rimmer

Thumbnail of my banged up Camry and the barn where Katrinka and I live. Clay has a room there to as well as a drum room. My Camry, incidentally, was hit on both front sides and each time the culprit's insurance paid for it and both times I kept the money. The front of the car is now held together by two bungee cords.

Thumbnail of my friend Diane Aigaki took this of us when I was visiting her in Dharamsala in 2003. Check out her website. She's got a grant writing workshop coming up August 13-17. Contact her through her website to learn more.

Thumbnail. Fort Worth friend Dotty Woodson took this about a year ago at the Petrified Forest near Santa Rosa, CA.


Thumbnail of a couple of proofs of DC by childhood friend and professional photographer Raymond Rimmer.

Thumbnail. Kelly and DC by Raymond Rimmer. I'd guess 1986.




Photos from 2005 family reunion for Eleanor's 80th birthday

Thumbnail. DC immediate family, aunts, and cousins. Top L to R - Phil, Kathy, Eleanor, mother Ahdel, Brunie, Penny, DC. Bottom L to R - Barb, Amy, sister Susan, Karl Jr., Walt Jr.

Thumbnail. Just the moms - L to R - Aunt Eleanor, mother Ahdel, Aunt Brunie.


Thumbnail. Just the cousins. Top L to R - Phil, sister Susan, Penny, DC. Bottom L to R - Karl Jr., Barb, Kathy, Amy, Walt Jr.



Thumbnail. Childhood buddy Ward Ruscoe


The above four photos by Raymond Rimmer taken in the fall of 2005 at Ahdel Chadwick's home in Fort Worth, TX.  

Thumbnail of Katrinka and DC on the Metolius River in Oregon. Taken by Madeleine Landis from Camp Sherman.

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