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DC idea - Election Countdown Calendar Dot Com

[After the election I discontinued the site. I'll try to get an abbreviated version of it here on soon. - DC]

8/19/04 - I've done a great deal of research into this calendar thing (see note below) and I must say the whole situation now is most disturbing. I didn't think I could have a lower opinion of Bush and the guys around him but, after reading all sorts of stuff on the Internet looking for quotes for the calendar, I do. And this is all pretty mainstream anti-Bush stuff. I can't spend too too much time on it or I get too upset. I think our president is seriously deranged. I think we're in a very serious dangerous situation. I think his method of dealing with terrorism is to pour gasoline on the fire and I think there are many other issues where he's way out of line - serving Mammon rather than organic life. [Mammon: 1. Bible. Riches, avarice, and worldly gain personified as a false god in the New Testament. - American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language]

One friend of mine who's heavy into Byron Katie who I think is great said that to people stressing out on Bush she suggests thinking of three reasons why your life would be better if Bush were elected. He asked me to try. I said that for one the phenomenal world would have less of a hold on me. I'd just say, that's it, I give up - the holy people are right - there's no hope for us or solution in samsara. I was a fool to try to improve the universe. He said not that but how would it really be better. Well, I said, if I were in favor of nuclear war I think that would be more likely. He said, no how would it really actually be better? I guess reading the news has made me a little short on emptiness. I couldn't think of anything. 

But I am thinking of starting another web site to vent my lowly political and social thoughts and feelings so I can get this crap off this supposedly Buddhist archival website. First I'd concentrate on the election - I really want Kerry to win. I know he's not perfect but politics is always a choice between imperfect options - in fact what choices aren't? And there's a big big difference here to me - like between Caligula and Julius Caesar. 

Then I think I'd like to move that site (what should I call it?) to concentrating on what I consider to be major threats to the well-being of humans and our friends (like bunny rabbits and the creatures in the sea) - threats like nuclear war or nuclear terrorism which are not being addressed very seriously now by those in charge. And I'm sure I'd start ranting about the Kerry administration if they win which I hope hope hope they do. Then we'd have something to work with. More soon. 

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