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2-13-05 - I started looking at some of the photos of the Shunryu Suzuki 100th birthday bash that Roovane Ben Yumin (the zoomin') so thoughtfully put on Shutterfy.  Check 'em out again.

Heck. There are no names or almost no names to go with the photos. What happened Roovane? - that's the old spelling. He uses Reuven now I think. I sent him a list with the names. Most of them. I was looking at them to put with interviews. I got to get these all on with the names. I'd make a note but there are notes everywhere. Oh well - I wrote a note on the whiteboard to the left. So much to do, so few white board markers.

The last three interviews I've worked on are all out being gone over by their respective subjects for one reason or another. They're ones done years ago. Made a call to arrange for a new one when subject is in town at the end of the month. Have note to make call tomorrow about another one. Have a date in a week for another one. Just letting you know, dear reader, that there is stuff in the works. But I have been putting most my time into a water project.

Tuesday I'm meeting with some friends to discuss a fundraising drive to get me some loot so I can concentrate on all these interviews and stuff without robbing banks. I'd rather rob banks but I'm afraid I'd get caught. Anyway, I let it go till I don't have gas money and am becoming an increasing burden and embarrassment to my friends and family and this is what I really want to do so we'll see what happens.

Check out this interesting site:

And read this letter from Eric Arnow in Thailand. I've got some others that are more recent but am starting with the first one. I think it's the first one. I'm putting them on here because of his observations about Thailand and Buddhism but I'm not cutting his political rants.

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