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2-14-05 - Angry Creature Dream

I was thinking about an old friend who had died and I felt a little bad that when I think of him there's a mix of anger and criticism. And then I was thinking of another friend who's not dead and some of our arguments came to mind and then I thought oh that's not nice of me and then I thought who cares? Why not? Think anything you want. Don't judge your thoughts about judging others. Just look at em. And then I got this image of wrangling creatures, sort of bear-like growling, clawing, snarling beings from some unearthly plane banging into each other. And then I saw them in their afterlife not in their prior incarnations costumes greeting each other like passing clouds with no care at all about what monsters they'd been.

Big Bad Politics Rears its Urgly Head

Whoa! Get a load of what this former Reagan Asst. Treasury Sec. has to say as found on It's titled:

As Things Fall Apart, Lie and Lie Again

Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself


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