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3-17-05 - Oh, just to let you know what's happening here where I live, this is an email that went out to members of the Pacific Zen Institute. I live in the barn of their head teacher, John Tarrant, and there's more work to do here that I can keep up with, there's to be a work/practice day here on Saturday the 19th. Here's the email that David Weinstein sent out. He'll be the practice leader for the day. - DC See report on how it went.

This is rather short notice, but none the less, at the board meeting a couple of nights ago we decided to do a meditation/work day, half day really, at John's on the 19th of March.

John opens his house to us for koan seminars, board meetings, Buddha's Birthday celebrations and even an upcoming members only retreat. This is a chance to put a little sweat equity into the place, as well as a chance to enjoy each other's company.

David Chadwick, who's living upstairs in the barn behind John's house, has been busy doing a variety of projects around the place. One of those projects is the installation of a 5,000 gallon water tank up the hill to give a boost to the water pressure. The tank's in, the pipe's laid, but the trenches that the pipes are in need to be filled. There's also the traditional raking,sweeping and general cleanup to be done.

So, our idea is to gather at 9:00 and sit for a couple of periods and then work for a couple of hours, followed by lunch;soup, salad and bread, which will be supplied.

If you have a shovel, or other tools, or supplies that would be useful, bring them, that would include meditation tools, i.e. cushions.

The weather should be good and the hills are green, green, green, making for quite a pleasant drive up.

See you there,

David Weinstein []

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