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May 4, 2005  -- Random Tidbits

Greetings. Many thoughts rushing through my head like the rats that scamper across  the ceiling. But first I pass along some topics of interest.

An article in the SF Chronicle on the Columbian Peace Communities and Sarah Weintraub.

Thanks to Gene deSmidt for Bright Eyes on Leno singing When the President Talks to God. This is unbelievable - how did NBC let this contemporary protest song air on Leno? I had to check to see if it was a hoax before I'd believe it. See it and hear it for yourself or, if you have a slow connection, read the Song lyrics - You can get this song for free on iTunes.

Did you read about the damage done to IQs by email or hear it on CNN?

Check out 419 Eater if you want to actively harass Nigerian Internet scam artists - you know, the guys who say they want to send you sixty million dollars - a really unusual site.

We're having another Work/Practice Day here at Tarantland this Saturday May 7th. Zazen at 9, a couple of hours of work, lunch, hang around a talk a bit and that's it. See PZI. Here are my notes of what to do:

Clean windows both sides - 2 make sure have newspaper and Windex or ammonia
water in spray bottle
sweep roof and clean gutters - front side worse - clean skylight windows

load up truck for dump run to Petaluma dump on Meacham - it's open Saturday
- 2 fridges $20 ea, bathtub and some iron free, a few odds and ends.
fill in ditches - might need to water to soften earth
install gate for upper parking lot - 10 ft galvanized panel -
78.20, galvanized tube - 79.96, green tube - 108.66 - includes hardware
do something about roots - cut out or fill in around them

finish filling concrete into cinderblock wall around water storage tank,
clean up corner of shed
cut trunks of wood up top into firewood length and trim off branches to burn
start to make shack around pump and pressure tank behind shed. - of course
we won't be able to do this but it's good to see it here.

cleanup inside front door and second room - DC will try to get this done
before work day or maybe after it.

incidental note - Need to return Shop Vac for better one

That's enough for today - tomorrow the rats.

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