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10-21-05  -- Comments on Susan Smalley's Toward a Modern God which appeared as one of 65 comments to her blog in the Huffington Post in early October of 2005 in response to There's No God and you know it by Sam Harris.

What Susan Smalley wrote on god strikes me as not so much modern as perennial - she's getting at what the word god has always pointed toward. I sympathize with Sam Harris not believing in the god he described, but that is the god which the media can comprehend and go on about, a thing-god created in our image and in fear. To me, god is a word for that which cannot be named, for that fundament which this relative world reflects, for that which cannot be used for petty purposes, which cannot be described, and which ultimately cannot even be believed in. To find out what the word is about we get quiet and go beyond self, ideas, and beliefs. These godaholic idol worshippers of today who loudly go on about the highest in terms of the lowest, bow to Mammon, rattle swords, and seek public power and control of others - they deny the fundamental principles of interconnectivity and ceaseless change and are merely servents of satan, a word which stands and has always stood for the self-centered confusion from which we struggle to awaken. Good going Susan - how well you elevated the discussion.

Posted by: Dchadwick on October 08, 2005 at 02:34pm

[Little changes were made is this version because the one on The Huffington Post was written fast, proofed quickly and imperfectly.]

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