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5-02-06 - On Steven Colbert's talk at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner

As some Buddhists say, nine bows to Steven Colbert. The blogosphere is afire with comments on his performance. I side with those who call him a hero who spoke truthiness (his word) to power. Everything I could think of to say has been said in one place or another. Just look at the comments on this Huffington Post post from the NYTimes. Like this one:

"Not fair. Not clever. Not funny." (quote from NYTimes article)
Neither are obscene oil profits, wars based on cherry picking intelligence or Swift Boating decorated veterans but the   repukes [rebukes] don't seem offended by those events.

Colbert stood feet from Bush, looked right at him while delivering the most acerbic, sarcastic, ironic put downs. What nerve! How rude! Made the audience squirm. Tough luck. They've allowed this Nero to fiddle while our country and others burned.

Search around the web and you can find the full video of his talk and tons of comments.


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