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5-3-06 On Mexico's Intent to Legalize All Drugs
(This comment was posted on the Huffington Post this morning on this page linking to a LA Times article..

Humorous comments come to mind and I enjoy those on the Huf Post. But to all the many many harmless people incarcerated and persecuted for wanting to alter their consciousness this way or that, this is a wonderful development. The news stories will say things like "enough to get you dizzy or worse" like the LA Times, implying that ending these prohibitions will unleash lots of troubles, but underlying the doubts and criticisms will be justification and support for continued persecution. It might be good to abstain from all psychoactives, but the trillion dollar war on drugs (read war on people) hasn't even put the brakes on - just the shackles. The most heinous indulgence is persecution, the most evil tendency, the desire to control others. Hurray for Mexico and Fox! Let freedom ring!

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