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10-05-06 - Some Thoughts on today's World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime march and all.

It's going on all over America today and even though it's the season's first rain and there's a rally right here in Santa Rosa, I'm really looking forward to getting to the San Francisco streets to, once again, be with a whole lot of people who think the folks running our government are truly bad and want them to retire.

Went to bed at ten thirty, set the alarm for four but made a mental note to try and wake as early as two thirty cause I've got to get out of here early and have to do some deduction listing first for last year's taxes (no income, just expenses) and I knew I'd want to mess around with the news, email, and this site before taking off. Voila! I did awake at two thirty. Said thanks to deep mind.

Wrapped myself with my Chinese blanket and sat up in bed first for zazen. What am I doing putting all this political stuff on cuke dot com I wondered. Then I got a relevant vision - good versus evil. Pretty dualistic but I went with it. I saw two rounded bullet-shaped forms, one shinning and one dark. The bright form was of course Shunryu Suzuki's ideal, his naive dream of a non naive peaceful awakened world as good and the lightless form was the dark forces in control of our government. Also, since it's America, the light was the light of Jesus and the dark was of lower realms of mind. Today I would march for the power of big mind, kind mind, of forgiveness, of surrender, of love.

Now of course we're all just people doing our best but sometimes we go astray and need a little help from our fellow beings so we reached out from the light to the dark which was us reaching out as well and the vision morphed to the two monoliths, the dark and the light, spinning around together into a spiral taking me into the moment which was then not historical or social or populated with good and bad beings - the world disappeared then appeared as a living painting and everything was perfect as it is.

But I'll go anyway and walk with the hopeful, with those who can't abide by torture and dungeons, demand a better world, and dance along with my fellow apparitions.

See you there! - DC

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