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10-07-06 -  Warmongers' Atonement

As for those who've planned this war (since the 90s), lied, cajoled, persuaded to war, insisted on war, the war-monger President, VP, Sec. of Defense, of State, the advisors who pushed it - those of us at suggest a compassionate Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, general spiritual/religious or humanistic approach to their punishment, their consequences, their atonement:

Do not lock them up. First, stop them from spreading their violence and then, let them do community service. We suggest they work in veteran's hospitals and serve the wounded - until they are too old or infirm to do so - and then they too will be nursed and attended to until their days on this planet are no more.

May all those who supported this war and who profited from it take care of the wounded veterans and civilians from every country until the last one has passed.

  US Casualties Rise Sharply - WaPo 10-08-06

Norman Solomon on the Loud Clear Voice of Iraq Vets.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Casualties in Iraq on

Wounded Iraqis left Broken and Burdened - WaPo

Iraqis wounded in US and British Air Strikes

And there's so much more - find it for yourself - endless slaughter and maiming.

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