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2-14-07 - Happy Valentines to all!
Morning, my valentine Trinkita, son Clay, and our friend Kabumpkan celebrated this heartfull day with an envervealating stroll. Passing cuddlers in the park, Kabumpkan sang, "Hello Young Lovers!" "Valentines is a day for us without to hang together," he commiserated with Clay. Passing the cave entrance, he honored those who singly "find the Valentine spiraling in their spine." He gave a congratulatory nod to the merchant ringing up an obligatory Valentine sale. "There," he said, "we've taken care of the floating romantics, the consoling platonics, the sealed hermitics, and the counting mammonics. But let's not forget the stubornly cynics." For them he unveiled a link to the asylum valentines. The first is on the left. Click it to go there. - DC

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