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5-15-07- On Accepting Ads and Promoting Products

Check this out:
VerbatimIT - Verbatim Instant Transcripts
VerbatimIT transcribes online events or recorded media.
offers an easy-to-use dictation system:

Thanks to Alan Kelly, owner/operator of VerbatimIT for transcribing an interview I did at Tassajara recently with Steve Allen (no relation). Jeez, I hope he can understand it. There was a lot of wind going into the mic. I told him not to worry about words that were hard to understand and that I'd fill them in. Alan is in Gatineau, Quebec, if you know where that is. - DC

This brings up another related point. I'm looking into getting ads on this site because I'm tired of knocking over convenience stores to make ends meet. I don't know if it will work, but as of today the average number of daily visitors for this month is 962. That ought to be worth something. I wonder what Google Ads would pay? I'm looking into it. Anyone got any ideas? I do appreciate those who've donated and bought books and t shirts and all, but there are too few of you. I guess the presentation has to be improved. Of course that could be corrected if the few of you bought enormous volumes of cuke consumer items or sent in checks so large that I'd need a fork lift to take them to the bank.

Incidentally, when I said knock over convenience stores you may have gotten the wrong idea and thought I was being cheeky about serious crime wherein many innocent people suffer. Nothing of the sort. I have a business on the side called Convenience Store Demolition Inc. We specialize in pulling convenience stores like building number 7 was "pulled." Wish we'd gotten that job. It must have paid a mint.

Back to the ads. I wonder if this could be the break I've been looking for. I can see a site like one of those women's magazines or fashion magazines that are almost entirely ads - I can't believe it - I thumb through page after page and, if I go too fast, get to the end and have missed the articles. People obviously buy these mags for the ads. Maybe could become a site like that. Of course, there would be those neigh-sayers who whinny and accuse me of selling out, but I wouldn't give them the time of day - unless they paid me.

Oh Buddha, please give me the opportunity to sell out. But the Buddha he, or she, or it, or not of all of the above, nor not not as the case may be, don't say nothin.

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