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6-01-07 - Promoting BPF but not wanting to hurt the feelings of warmonger Buddhists, and thinking of Brian Victoria.

Go to the BPF web site and sign up to Receive their Monthly E-Newsletter. One just came out today. And look around on their site. They're doing a lot. Good Buddhists.

That's all that was needed to be said, but I kept writing so I moved the rest to Dchad Misc here for elaboration. Like think I'll make this BPF banner and link a permanent free ad on the home page to go with the other free ads that will help to pay for my spot on that narrow concrete island by the traffic lights where I'll stand in my old age - "help a veteran Zen hippie peacenik blogger" scribbled on a piece of bent cardboard. I've begged in Japan.

Back to the BPF. They are indeed a worthy group "bringing together Buddhism and progressive social change."

Like just recently cuke had Reports on a Buddhist Peace Delegation in Colombia, South America co-led by Linda Ruth Cutts and Sarah Weintraub.

Now all you warmonger Buddhists don't feel left out. Just send me your links and I'll post them too.

I just Googled "Republican Buddhist" and came up with a few interesting links - one of which was to cuke right here.

I know Republican Buddhists and Libertarian Buddhists and Buddhists who won't vote cause everything's corrupt or empty and Buddhists of almost every ilk whatever an ilk is. I know that many think you've got to be this way or that to be a Buddhist but I wouldn't be so sure. I've always said I'm a Joe Gould Buddhist. Joe Gould was famous for his poem, "In the winter I'm a Buddhist, In the summer I'm a nudist." See more on all this.

OK, let me try another - "right wing Buddhist." That got a few hits. The thing is, that in Asia right wing Buddhist is not an oxymoron at all and there have been warmonger Buddhists too though not zillions of them. Time to remember Brian Victoria. And hit thumbnail to enlarge.

 Not going into this further except to say, join the BPF and pitch in and take nothing for granite.

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