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this accomplishes one of the 2008 cuke goals

1-23-08 - Sigh of Relief Department: Got a perfect storage space for the cuke archive and files and tapes and disks (and music tapes and more) at Sonoma Storage Emporium.

I suggest you consider using this storage facility if you live near here - but be sure to say I sent you - see below.

I was worried about loosing uncopied, irreplaceable stuff here in this quite burnable barn and have already moved a bunch of stuff into the new storage space. I'd been moaning about this recently and Katrinka told me that the prices may have come down and she was right. I got a 5x5 for $25 a month - $45 first month with $10 one time admin fee and $10 for a lock and 3 keys.  Thanks to recent donations I was able to get right in. Can also get 3 months free with payment for six months at one time so I'm going to aim for that cause that makes it $16.67 a month. Not only are their prices the best but they are the most modern - humidity and temperature controlled and a lot of other cool features like an alarm on each unit (that's turned off when you punch in your code at the gate). They specialize on wine storage. They are big and new and locally owned and very close to where I live.

And if you are nearby and mention David Chadwick sent you, it will help cuke out. Like it would by enough gas to visit folks as far as Napa and San Francisco and come back home or pay for three weeks of web hosting for cuke. But if you do that please email me you did.

Sonoma Storage Emporium
4201 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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