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1-04-12 - Results of cuke's solstice greeting (otherwise known as cuke spam)..

This is only the 2nd mass mailing ever done by cuke. The first was for son Kelly's anthology of fungi inspired poetry, Decomposition. This was done to say hello and to get the list cleaned up for a coming fundraising drive for cuke and the work to preserve the archive and legacy of Shunryu Suzuki. It will all also be posted here.

Out of over 2500 sent, there were about twenty "Remove" returns which will be taken out of the Thunderbird address list, 120 returned undeliverable some of which I'll seek new addresses, 40 auto returns saying they'll get to them later, and over two hundred terrific responses so far - which I just got through. Here are three:

Happy Budhamas! - Tozen Akiyama

Same to you, David. Tell those demons to stop eating the sun! - Doug Spangle

and in the spring cucumbers - Paula Groves

See the message sent out just below.

12-23-11 - Been sending out cuke spam - would you like some? Just email me and you'll get your own fresh serving. It's just a solstice greeting and a way to organize my email list in Thunderbird. The whole thing is below. I'll get a bunch back as undeliverable then I'll know who's emails are bad and in some cases I'll get new ones. And people who don't want to be on the list can opt out. I'm sending out fifty at a time every ten minutes or so and tomorrow morning I'll talk to and see if they'll White List me for the day so I can send out more at a time and not trigger their spam blocker. Last time, the only other time I've done this, for son Kelly's book, Decomposition, they suggested 100 at a time. That would help. I've got 2500 email addresses. Maybe I shouldn't waste my time doing this, should just use Mail Chimp but this way I know the whole list is willing and that fulfills their requirements better for future spam.

Greetings dear friend or friend of friend.

A happy day after solstice to you and yours. May the ever-lengthening days bring the fulfillment of your inmost request.

Take care.

David Chadwick


This message sent only to addresses (including the Ccs) from past correspondence. I don't send anything regular or forward anything, but if you do not wish to get a message or two from me next year about and work to preserve the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki, just write REMOVE in the Subject line and hit return. This method can also be used to indicate which of multiple addresses to cut from the list. - DC 

12-14-11 - This is the first entry in this section in three years it appears. This is a comment on site development. As has been mentioned in recent posts, splitting of the site into Suzuki/Zen stuff and DC/other is under consideration. Right now what I'm doing somewhat just for lack of time to do more, is to color code Suzuki entries purple (thanks Michael - for the idea, not the specific color) and leave the others regular old black. Also I'm going to try to reduce the amount of non Suzuki stuff that appears on the home page. For instance, this note is going here rather than on the home page. I know this is terribly boring but some people actually like to get into this sort of detail If you don't please feel free to close this page. Cuke goals for 2012 will be posted soon. - dc GOALS for 2008

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Thanks to all those whose generous contributions have helped to keep this work going.

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