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4-19-12 - Happy birthday Clayton Chadwick, younger son, now 21. balloonsWe had dinner at Sol Food, dessert at the Panama Hotel with jazz, lively discussion in Katrinka and my tiny apartment, viewing on the 32 inch screen Bonobos, Mooji, Krishnamurti, Trungpa. Howie and I took him to the Fourth Street Tavern at midnight where he had a Sierra Nevada Ale. Howie did too. I had a lemonade. Clay was actually 21 before then but his driver's license just shows his birthday. You see, Clay was not born on his birthday.

He is not unique in this but it is unusual. He actually turned 21 during dinner last night. For Clay was born at about noon in Okayama Japan. Japan is sixteen hours ahead in Standard Time so he actually began his twenty-first year as an air breathing being at about eight pm last night - about the time we were finishing up dinner.

Today I'm driving up to Santa Rosa to take him shopping and move some stuff from the barn and have dinner at Himalayan Restaurant in Windsor with his mom, Elin. Then he goes to a party that's being thrown for him and Elin and I will return to our respective domiciles.

There's a chapter in Thank You and OK! that describes Clay's birth. I'll try to get it up here but not today.

Clay - Happy Birthday in the USA, the day after you were born.


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