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2-23-07 - [broken links in this entry done while half asleep last night fixed. Boy I should know better than to put something up without checking every link. That's what I usually do, but I was too tired and thought oh it's all okay.]

Last night went with Trinkita and David Cohen (Darlene Cohen's [cuke interview] brother - sorry David - in Zen circles he's used to that) - anyway, we went to an A World Without Armies dinner and get-together. (I think that's the first time in my life I wrote "an a" where both of them are used as articles.). AWWA was started by Zen artist and scholar Kaz Tanahashi  [cuke interview] and Zen friend Marc Lesser got heavy into it right away. Eddie Hartshorne is a co-director.

Sandra Ribas runs the Costa Rican Un Mundo Sin Ejercito (AWWA in Spanish) and here's her blog.  That's her on the left with the flowers. There were four Costa Rican AWWA (in Spanish) women at the dinner and they spoke and sang. Costa Rica eliminated their army in 1949. Women had a lot to do with that. Good for them. Trinkita's into flowers too. Women with flowers - what could be further from armies with guns? Lots of interesting people were at the dinner and I love AWWA cause it's so gloriously idealistic and at the same time, to me, inevitable. Don't ask me to explain why I think that - just a hunch. Check em out. Nighty-night. - DC

David Cohen reminded me this morning of a cool thing that Sandra had said about what aging hippies in Costa Rica are called - coca-cola. Coca they use for bald, like coconut, and cola is a ponytail.


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