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On Death and Dying
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Dchad quick response to Loring
With more on Joan H., Loring response to
Dchad response to
Loring to Dchad on Santhara
Dchad to Loring mentioning suicide in response to
An Email from Loring Palmer in Response to
Dchad Misc On the deaths of two

Loring's response to this

Not much time. Quick comments.
Appreciate your input here.

One negative - I hate that word roshi - it stinks. To me she's Joan. Just remember that when you use it it gives me the creeps. But that's not the subject.

The Joan death story is great and proves my point - that we immediately think of drugs and not the natural organic traditional method of terminating intake of solids and liquids. I want to talk to her about this. This needs to be discussed and brought out so that people realize this is an option so that they don't think that drugs is the only option.

Karma wise I'd be careful about thinking that's something that can be codified. Sogyul quotes that lama who was in Vancouver who's so famous - I forget - as saying that in cases like this it's karma neutral. I agree with you on suicide but this isn't really the same - it's giving death a little assist. But everything is case by case. To me there are really no rules.

Thanks for the Buddha tolerance of suicide in some cases info - please source it. I want that.

Gotta run. Thanks.


Loring's response to this

On Death and Dying
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