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a portrait of Shunryu Suzuki

Shunryu Suzuki - Oil on Canvas
Suzuki Roshi  — oil on canvas, 2013 — 38" x 38"



by Early Shunryu Suzuki student, artist Willard Mike Dixon

Willard Mike Dixon web gallery

His cuke page

Cuke Archives has made a high resolution copy of this portrait available for you and all—download it from here.

Also through Mike Dixon's largess Cuke Archives is offering a fine archival giclée art print of this portrait signed by the artist as a gift to generous donors of $150 or more.

The prints measure 18 by 18 inches overall; the image is 15 by 15 inches. View a sample of the certificate of authenticity that comes with each print. (These signed prints are only available through Cuke Archives and the Boulder Zen Center.)

Go to the Donate Page to get the signed print of this portrait.


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