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Flat Earth Fun

 5-11-07 - A review of a new book on the history of the not-as-prevalent-as-we-think concept of flat earth and "how and why crackpot science takes hold," just like with modern anti-evolutionism and literalism. An interesting article in Wikipedia on the history of flat earth theory worldwide. I always get the impression of endless world systems reading old Indian Buddhist and Chinese writings, but how did they envision the geometry of the earth? Any ideas? I'm sure lots of folks have commented on this but my time's up. Gotta do some work to promote the recently re-released book, download a couple of interviews off a digital recorder, efforts to fund this work, then to the neglected drip line.  Sticking this in Misc rather than Digressions because it stirs up thoughts related to Buddhism and other awakening systems, cosmology, religion, literalism, and the history of
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