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6-27-07 - Mrs. Forsythe, Courtlin, Jody! Found the photo album of Ecuador and Italy!


 Please help find them.


I was in Keith & Don's 76 Station on 4th Street in Santa Rosa, CA and looked through a photo album someone left there. It's full, almost full, of photos of a group of kids, high school I think, on a trip - young men and women. Very little was written in the book: Ecuador, Santa Cruz, Bartelone, Italy, Rome.  There were pictures of those places of course. One student was named Courtlin and one was Jody. The best clue is that an adult with them was Mrs. Forsythe. The back of one of the photos read: Jun 6/30/05 ID579827 <31> Sck3. I don't think that the person who had the photos developed could be traced through those numbers but I don't know. It was Kodak Perfect Touch paper. I've called a few Forsythe names in the Santa Rosa phone book but not all. I could also try Forsyth. Someone asked me why I was wasting my time doing that. Maybe when they're not looking I'll call the rest. Also, the high schools in the area could be called. It occurred to me that someone who comes here might know of a place to post this to see if, just for fun, we could get these photos back to the rightful owner. My space?  They may have had more copies made or maybe those were the only ones left. They might care or they might not but it was a nice photo album. - DC

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