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REV. STEPHEN W. FROST Ph.D. Easter Message 2013

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As Lent ’13 comes to an end, the asceticism of the season is meant to have cleared one’s mind and heart and body for the real issues of life and spirit-  Not just such titillating issues as why our principal high Christian feast of Easter is named after a Mesopotamian Goddess- 

 -Is the nature of St. Paul’s reference to “one life” lived through many reincarnations?  Or, ‘one life’ lived between two dates on the calendar?

-Is Satan really condemned forever or is there the hope of an ultimate universal reconciliation?  Apokatastasis

Or, is the torture of the Passion and the Cross the transformative and redemptive paradigm that gives meaning to all innocent suffering and thus directly related to one’s own.

Or, perhaps ‘I’ can change, even improve. Or, liberation is an issue, and possible!  Or is is...

If you are part of the Christmas Assignment Focus group, or just an innocent bystander, perhaps this will help you answer the question I pose.   How does the Nepsis Foundation experience, as variously presented on line and elsewhere, compare theologically, sociologically, economically, technologically, philosophically or personally to what any general practitioner might receive in parishes, theologates, monasteries, zendos, temples, ashrams, and madrasah...  In other words, compare what you know about religion.

Select this mark for the beginning of my take on the issue:    X    You, of course, will still pursue your own course.  It might turn out to be more interesting and insightful. 

Won’t know until you let me know!  Thank you for your responses so far.  


Father Stephen Frost PhD
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