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Steve Frost

Cuke Podcast with Steve 🔊

The Reverend Stephen Frost Ph.D.  

Steve Frost is a Catholic priest whom I met when he was running the Newman Center at Sonoma State University and he invited me to participate in a discussion group for faculty and employees. He studied with the great Paniker and we had reading assignments. What I remember best is Steve's answers to questions from an ex Catholic secretary. What about virgin birth? That means she was pure of heart. What about original sin? That means the separation of heaven and earth. Why didn't they teach me this in catechism? - He just sort of dismissed that with a Oh gosh - What do expect? answer. I felt like he and I were on similar wave lengths amid earnest queries coming from the damage that literalism and institutional corruption has done. We've kept in touch since then.  - DC - 9-06-14


That's his 1985 ordination picture


Christmas day, 2020, podcast with Stephen Frost

Here's an essay Frost wrote about Raimundo Panikkar that uses three Buddhist terms to title its 3 main segments.: Pratityasamutpada, Nairatmyavada, Avyakrstastuni. Frost writes, "It presents my take on Panikkar's take on the Buddha from his bookThe Silence of God." 

4-21-19 - An Easter 2019 email to Lewis Lancaster and DC from Steve Frost

Security, Nourishment, Fellowship loom large, but mostly as distractions to the essential issue of birth and death.  We don't ask for either, usually.  After the first, the second is Mother to all other topics- especially the poignancy of Love and Beauty.  


When someone dear to me died, a good, wise counselor said "Death is our friend."  It didn't feel like it at the time, so I rather selfishly said, "Death may be our friend, but its not the friend of our friends!"  -having just lost mine.


According to some Monks and Yogis, death should always be kept before you.  One can entertain some very powerful states of consciousness that are described with terms like the 'void' or 'emptiness.' In such states one seems to transcend the frontier identified as Death- It being just another phantasm or phenomenon. 


The capacity to perceive, Consciousness itself, remains untouched by any of this.  We might go on (endlessly it seems) about topics like goodness, truth and beauty.  But the one issue that remains ineffable is Consciousness- A constant participation of the Divine in Creation.

1-13-15 - Steve sent these SAYINGS OF AESCHYLUS:

He who learns must suffer, and, even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.


In war, truth is the first casualty.


It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish.


6-11-13 - TDL inscription to Steve Frost again


12-09-13 - Steve Frost on the Son of God


3-31-13 - Steve Frost Easter 2013 message


10-29-12 - Father Steve Frost with a poem, De Deum, and a diagnosis - Paean's Song.

8-23-12 6-11-13 - TDL inscription to Steve Frost


8-02-12 - Had lunch with Father Steve Frost yesterday. He ran the Newman Center at Sonomas State U for years. Check out his NEW PAINTINGS - SPRING/SUMMER 2012.
and the Nepsis Foundation for his writing - from cuke-the-arts---art-art

4-25-11 - Father Steve Frost's Easter upload of his painting,
- from cuke-the-arts---art-art

4-06-12 - Good Friday to you - death of the ego day. Here's Father Steve Frost's offering for the day: the Berkeley Core: FORAYS INTO THE PSYCHE OF BEING

1-23-12 - Father Steve Frost's Clear Light Missiles blog.

Steve separated his FALL SERIES blog posts into their own blog with the great name of the Clear Light Missiles Blog since, he says, they are hopefully the final statement summing up his whole 40 year NEPSIS project that Lew Lancaster put on line at UCB. Its a new layout for his theological/philosophical statement with paintings.

University of California, Berkeley site: Nepsis

Art and Poetry Nepsis site under development

9-27-11 - Father Steve Frost with The Light and the Lonely - a painting and a poem

4-05-11 - CHAMA WITCHES, the blog of poet and Stephen Frost previously seen on cuke as artist Stephen Frost, who I first met as Father Stephen Frost who ran the Catholic Church's Newman Center at Sonoma State College. I see his Nepsis site with both art and writing is still there. But today the focus is the mystical CHAMA WITCHES - from cuke-the-arts-writing

12-27-10 - Father Steve Frost has new writing, poetry and prose, on his web sites, mainly <> but also But the sites are dominated by his wonderful art. - from cuke-the-arts---art-art

12-27-10 - Father Steve Frost has new writing, poetry and prose, on his web sites, mainly <> but also But the sites are dominated by his wonderful art. - from cuke-the-arts-writing

An Easter 2019 email to Lewis Lancaster and DC from Steve Frost

Subject: Astarte

DC Note: Astarte refers to Easter and Parusia is the 2nd coming

Dear Lew and David,
Considering that most of early Christianity was enthused by a delusion about the Parusia- and we are still waiting-  so much of the morality and initiation rites, sacraments, ecclesial structures and expectation was begun and based on the expectation that the Lord was coming again soon- in the life time of the Apostles and Disciples or soon after, or, or, or... tomorrow!  -Considering all that nonsense, it all nonetheless does the job!  Somehow! It opens the doors of Heaven for believers and non-believers.  -Humiliates us with all the crafts of our own making when just the slightest glimpse of the Holy blows it all away.  Thomas of Aquino is famous for noting that after creating the Suma.  It still kindles, despite the foolishness- maybe because of it! -the Holy in the heart of our being.
Considering that I am part of all that as a 'Catholic priest in good standing,' it still should be noted that when I finished 45 years of the Nepsis project with it's 4 versions on-line, my life's work some say,  it was to two Buddhists that I first announced the glorious occasion- your noble selves.  Yesterday, Good Friday 2019, I told two Catholic priest friends as it seemed natural to do so.  I don't expect a different response from them.  We've all known one another and this was too important for words- or even notice.

So, considering all that, I feel qualified to extend an Easter greeting to both of you.  I hope in your hearts, minds and body,  the Spirit lifts you to a plane of (silent?) exultation.  -however anonymously!  Cheers!
The Reverend Stephen Frost Ph.D.  
The University of California, Berkeley Site:

Father Stephen Frost PhD
University of California, Berkeley Site: NEPSIS FOUNDATION:  
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