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Reverend Stephen Frost PhD  of the Nepsis site writes

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(Well, it's more attitude than vocabulary)

Nepsis:  Nepsis is an ancient Christian practice for observing the inner processes of one's self.  It requires a sober watchfulness in Prayer.  One must WAKE UP.  It is a practice from the Hesychasm in conversation with Buddhist meditation, Zen of the Far East- all spiritual practices that explore, sometimes transcend, the inner landscapes of the Mind and Body, Heart and Spirit.  


HOLY LANDER: The term and its idea are taken from Pilgrims of the Middle Ages who tried to go from Europe to the Holy Land in Palestine. The process of long arduous pilgrimage can change one deeply.  It is also an inner journey, a journey of the heart* to discover everything about one's life, especially the Holy Spirit within.  This is the true Holy Land-

*Here, ‘heart’ is meant as a symbol for the spiritual cohesion of body, mind, Spirit. A beginning...

Many of you who know me personally, know that even when I’m walking fast, I tend to saunter.  Some have said it must be genetic.  It’s not a disciplined virtue, it's just how I walk. But the word itself, SAUNTER, comes from saint terre, which is “holy land.”  It suggests an attitude faithful that the way will find its goal.  It's built in- once the way is taken.  One wanders, not knowing the way, until God reveals Self to self- in Love, Compassion, Union.


In the Idea of the Son of God, Godhead reveals itself as inextricably in union with Creation.  Life provides the 'way.' 

Named the Saunters page on cuke after reading this. It's daily 2013 and mainly 2014 Asia notes. - DC