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12-18-08 - Holliday Gifts and Food for Wounded Knee - Beverly (Horowitz) Morris Armstrong send this message about helping out the Indians

Some new  people are working with this this year, both in Colorado and Wounded Knee, so i'd like to help them out. Post whatever of this you think is appropriate. 

This particular effort is a communty-wide winter drive for Lakota families at Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, an 8-hour drive from Boulder but a 3rd world country within U.S. borders. The shocking statistic--beyond even 94% unemployment--is that life expectancy for men--on all the northern and western reservations, and there are many--is 48, slightly higher for women. 

On Dec. 21, we'll load up trucks with new gifts for children, coats and other winter gear, special teen and elder gifts, and food for a community dinner at Wounded Knee; these are given by the Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center, Unity Church, 2 schools, and just the good people of Boulder, as well as local businesses. I'm attaching our flyer and food needs list.

Am particularly worried this year because everyone is feeling the economics of the moment, but the reality is, if we are hurting, people who are poor are hurting more. If anyone would like to offer anything, please email me ('m blatantly asking for money or pledges at this late hour.   Any extra money goes into a propane and winter emergency fund at Wounded Knee, particularly for elders and families with young children.


beverly (morris (horowitz) armstrong) 

May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature.
May all beings be free
           -----metta prayer

TIYOSPAYE (tee-OH-shpah) means

“extended family of brothers and sisters” in

Lakota. Tiyospaye volunteers collect gifts, winter gear & food for a community dinner to

honor and help our brothers and sisters at Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Reservation.


NEW ITEMS for GIFTS, for infants through elders. If you wrap (which helps us),

please label SECURELY with age/gender/size/description of contents. Games, toys,

books, art & craft supplies, sports equipment, clothing, personal, household items.

Teens: clothes, jewelry, basketballs, electronics. Elders: blankets, lotion, socks.

COATS, BLANKETS, BOOTS, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and other warm

winter gear (lightly used & cleaned ok).

FOOD for a COMMUNITY DINNER at Wounded Knee: turkeys, stuffing,

cranberries, etc. (see reverse for full list). Call us to pledge perishable food.

We also need and gratefully receive money donations, for gas, truck rental,

wrapping paper, undonated food and gifts.

DROP-OFF LOCATIONS (through Dec. 21):

UNITY CHURCH, Folsom & Valmont, Tues.-Fri., 10am-4pm. Please bag or box

donations and label WOUNDED KNEE.

GRANDRABBITS TOY SHOPPE, 2525 Arapahoe, in the Village Shopping Ctr.


to the Solstice Celebration, Sun., Dec. 21. A personal gift card, esp. from a child or

teen, is always an uplifting touch. New this year!--we have a drop box near the

reception desk at the center, now through the Solstice, if you canʼt be at the

celebration or just have a lot more to give!

For other drop-off sites, questions, to donate large items, perishable food, or to offer

time, money, or transportation, please contact David: 303-926-0503,, or Beverly,


FOR THE “CANDY BAGS,” given to each child and elder; each contains candy, dried fruit,

nuts, peanuts, as well as an apple, an orange, and a small token gift:

Christmas candy 25 lbs.

Raisins, dried fruits 25 lbs

Peanuts, in shell 50 lbs

Other nuts 25 lbs

Paper lunch bags 400


Turkeys 15

Stuffing 20 bags/boxes

Cranberries 20 bags

Eggs 12 dozen

Cake mixes 20 boxes, assorted

Frosting 20 cans, assorted

Mayonnaise 6 qts

Pickles 6 qts.

Flour 100 lbs.

Sugar 20 lbs.

Shortening 15 lbs.

Baking powder 5 cans

Pie filling 12 cans/jars

Jello 20 boxes, assorted

Canned fruit 20 cans, assorted

Coffee 5 lbs., ground

Apple juice 15 gals.

Paper plates 400

Paper cups 300

Paper hot cups 100

Plastic forks and spoons 400 each

Aluminum roasting pans 15

Aluminum pie pans 15

Napkins 400

trash bags 2 boxes

We also bring up cases or oranges, apples, potatoes, and other veggies—given by a generous

produce company in Denver

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