Lawrence Burns

Lawrence Burns

April 24, 2023 Cuke Podcast with Larry 🔊

Lawrence Burns is the co-founder, and until 2022 was the treasurer for Cuke Press and, as Cuke Press Postmaster, has taken care of Cuke Press mailing. He was intimately involved in the editing and design of A Brief History of Tassajara, and a good deal more. He is son of the author, Marilyn McDonald, a professor of clinical and personality psychology in the Department of Psychology at Grand Valley State University, Michigan. His research interests include course design and effective teaching practices in higher education, student assessment and learning outcomes, experiential learning models, determinants of epistemological development, dialectical processes and other pedagogies of reflection.

Larry with his mother Marilyn McDonald  "1976. We’re at the airport as I’m just getting home from Honduras. I’m being vigilant about my luggage—my mom is glad I made it home safely."

Re the other three: I’m playing with the sibs at home (likely stick baseball 1972), we’ve all arrived at Tassajara and are reconnoitering where to go play, and the third one, closer to 1975 or 1976, at a picnic with family friends. We lived quite a ways out of town—so the majority of our time involved us figuring out what games to play.



From the left upper—John Burns (with cap on), Mary Doyle, and Peter Doyle.
Lower seated: Larry.