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Cuke Podcast with Jack 🔊

Finding True Magic - Jack's web site

Finding True Magic - the book by Jack

cuke interview with Jack from 1995 - with Intro by DC

Jack on Roshi And Rimpoche and Conversation with Jack - on the Chronicle Project

8-23-12 - Fear is not your Friend - Another Elephant Journal excerpt.

8-08-12 - What If Everything That Distressed You Was Irrelevant? - Jack Elias on Elephant Journal.

10-26-11 - Jack Elias' Rebel Buddha tells a Tassajara story that includes yours truly - dc (blushing)

8-05-11 - How Do You Know If Your Kids Are Buddhists? on Rebel Buddha dot com - by Jack Elias.

Listen to Jack on Single Mom Talk Radio – Finding the Extraordinary Parent In You in which he discusses the chapter he contributed to "If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn" – a 2011 Ben Franklin Award winning book. The chapter is a very detailed intimate story of a parenting enlightenment experience he had with son John when he was 2. Jack's son John just married at 30, July 16th. Congrats for all Jack. - dc

3-06-11 - A testimonial to Jack Elias's hypnotherapeutic work as told to DC by Ed Brown.

7-17-07 - A brief memory of Shunryu Suzuki and Maggie Kress from Jack Elias.

May You Be ready For the Bardos When They Come! - a song by Jack

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